I didn’t realize it until I saw the small note in my online calendar. “Los Anjalis anniversary” it said. I did a double take and realized, holy shit, is it really true? Four years ago today I started this blog. I had recently moved to Los Angeles from Newark New Jersey, and was working as a resident physician (specialty training after medical school) in family medicine, at a county hospital in LA. I was blogging at the time at To the Teeth, a health justice space I created back in 2002/2003, but I had a feeling I’d need to be blogging about politics, human rights, silly videos, culture, and los angeles, so Los Anjalis was created.

Now, four years later, four years wiser, four years sillier, I’ve landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and will plant my feet and some seeds for a little while. I will share my stories on why and what and how, later. I’ve been in quite a wonderful transition from my work in Los Angeles to my work and life in New Mexico and have been quite sporadic and impersonal with my blogging here. I’ve been blogging a little bit more over at Cure This, a health justice blog that I co-founded in residency in Los Angeles. And I’m navigating that space that bloggers often do when they’re managing two blogs — should I stop posting at one of them? What should I post where? (and other totally useless thoughts that such privilege entails). I guess there’s always a need for this blog, at least to post autotune the news, or videos of europeans doing dances to the sound of music in a subway.

In related news, today also marks the day that my parents met, 37 whole years ago.